Thursday, February 11, 2016


Choosing to hire a hair stylist for your wedding day is definitely a personal preference for each Bride and their budget.  I tossed the idea back and forth before making my choice for my own wedding and I am so glad that i did in fact decide to hire someone.  

Before I hired a professional, I was convinced I was just going to wear my hair down and curled.  When I went for my consultation/trial style my hair dresser actually convinced me through gentle encouragement to do something different and it made a huge difference in my over all wedding day hair style look, photos and Husbands reaction. In short, finding the right hair stylist can really make a difference in your special day.

Here are five questions to ask a potential hair stylist. 

1) Are you licensed and board certified?

This should be a no brain-er but in this day and age, sadly, even the nicest seeming people can be deceiving and dishonest.  If the stylists credentials/certification is not prominently displayed in their work station ask to see it! This is not rude and is something you need to do to protect yourself and your hair. 

2) Does my package include a trial session? 

I highly recommend choosing someone who will do a trial run of your style a few days before your wedding.  This should not cost as much as the day of fee or should be included free in the package you purchase.  Have realistic expectations when you do your trial run though, it probably won't look perfect and definitely won't be put in place to last. The trial is simply that, a trial run to make sure you're going to be happy with the style you choose and work out any kinks ahead of time so you're not stressed the day of the wedding. 

3) Do you travel?

Are you planning to get ready at home or in the bridal suite of your venue? Is your stylist willing to travel to one of these locations and will it cost additional?

4) Do you offer discounts if my wedding party books with you?

On my wedding day I chose to pay for both my mother and mother in law to have their hair done as well as part of my gift and thank  you to them for all their wedding day help. This was offered at a discount because the hair stylist was already going to be at my location doing my hair.  

5) Will you be booking other clients on the day of my wedding?

Ask your stylist if they will be taking other clients that day and if so how close to your scheduled time? This is important to know to ensure that the stylist will be on time for you appointment, especially if they will be traveling to you.

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