Friday, November 14, 2014

Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Vendors: Wedding Photographer

Here at A Beautiful Proposal we'll be starting a new series of questions you should be asking your vendors before you sign a contract or put any money down. 

This post is questions you should ask your wedding photographer.

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Here are a few questions to ask your photographer and why.
The first and most important question you should ask.

Q: Do you have my date available?
If your date is not available for you, and you alone there is no reason to move forward with this particular photographer. 

Q: Will you be bringing a back up camera?

This question is especially important if you aren't choosing a package that includes a second shooter, or second photographer.  Photographers can never predict if and/or when their equipment will fail.  You can't recreate your special day so they only get one chance to capture it. Make sure you photographer can guarantee they will have back up equipment of the same caliber they originally plan to use. 

Q: How and When will I be receiving my prints or digital files?

It's important that this will be spelled out in the contract.  If your photographer can't give you a promised deadline of when you will be receiving what you've paid for, that is a red flag.  A professional photographer should know roughly how long it will take to process and edit your images and compile them for print or deliver you the digital images. You don't want to be hounding your photographer six months or even worse a year later for the products you were promised. 
Q: What happens if you're ill or have an emergency?

Your photographer should have a back up plan if they fall very ill or have an emergency that would prevent them from showing up for your event.  If they can't answer this question, move on to your next photographer of interest. 

Q: What format do you shoot in and what camera setting?

This is a question every professional photographer should be able to answer quickly and easily.  Ideally you want their answer to be that they shoot in RAW format or RAW plus JPEG.  This means they will be able to edit the exposure, lighting, color, etc. easily in post production if their camera settings are off or the lighting changes quickly while their shooting images.  You also want a photographer who shoots in manual mode.  A true professional photographer will know all of their cameras settings and you will get the best quality images from a photographer that shoots in manual.

Finally, be sure to review the contract thoroughly before signing it and make sure the photographer clarifies anything you don't understand.

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