Friday, November 14, 2014

Grooms Style: 3 Ways

Let's face it, most Grooms attire will not be as awed after as a Bride's wedding dress.  That doesn't make it any less important for the groom to look his best and wear something he's truly comfortable in.  Here are 3 different ideas for a Grooms attire on his wedding day.

Classic Full Tux

This tux is classic and will make any man look good.  It's by Calvin Klein and available at Men's Wearhouse.

3 piece suit

This look is similar to a tux, but a little less formal.  It's also something that can be purchased rather than rented and might make a great investment for the Groom.  The above can be purchased online at Banana Republic. Choosing a grey suit, rather than black, will also give a more relaxed vibe and is very on trend for the decade.

Vest, with No Jacket

Choosing to forgo a jacket is definitely an option and can still look very nice.  Try pairing a nice suit vest with a printed or colored shirt and have you're groomsmen in just a dress shirt and tie so you'll still stand out.  This vest is also from Banana Republic.

The most important thing when choosing your wedding day attire is to make sure you feel like yourself in it, and that you'll be comfortable wearing it!

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