Thursday, October 9, 2014

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

When it came time to decide on bridesmaid dresses, it was a really easy decision for me. I looked at pictures of bridesmaid dresses and these were the main points I came up with.
I knew I wanted my girls in a blush pink or nude pink dress. I also knew I wanted them to be no longer than knee length because it was an outdoor wedding and I wanted the bridesmaid dresses to be romantic or a bit vintage.
Most importantly, I wanted the girls to pick their own bridesmaid dresses! I wasn't paying for them, so I wanted them to choose a dress they loved, felt comfortable in and would wear again.

I was so happy with the choices my bridesmaids made! It turned out that all three of my bridesmaids purchased their dresses at Forever21, and I know none of them spent more than $30 on their dresses which also made me really happy.

Ultimately, the decision of what your bridesmaids dresses look like is up to you, it is your wedding. However, here are a few things to consider when choosing bridesmaid dresses, if you want all your girls to still be your best girls after the Wedding!

Choose a style that is weather appropriate.
If your wedding is outdoors, in a hot weather month, don't put your girls in long dresses or long sleeves. Likewise, in winter don't let your girls freeze in short dresses without any kind of cover up. Even if your venue is indoors with air conditioning or heating your bridesmaids will probably have to be outside for photos, etc.

Choose a style that looks good on everyone.
If you have bridesmaids with very different body sizes and chest sizes look for a style that will compliment everyone. Don't let your bridesmaids be uncomfortable on your big day, or your pictures will turn out horrible. If you can't find one style that everyone loves, consider multiple styles in the same color! David's Bridal is a great place to shop for multiple dress styles in the same color!

Will they be able to wear it again?
Trendy styles and colors may not be practical, especially if the dress is going to cost more than $50! Don't choose an expensive dress that won't be appropriate for any other occasions in your bridesmaids future. If you fall in love with a designer style, be sure to choose a neutral color like black so it can be worn again. If you want to choose a bright color, like hot pink, go for one that won't cost as much.

Choose bridesmaid dresses that compliment your dress.
You'll be taking lots of pictures with your girls, so be sure their dresses will look good next to yours. If there are too many competing necklines, colors or styles the pictures won't turn out as well. Find a way to subtly match their dresses to your gown. You can have similar necklines, matching belts or other elements like a drop waist.

I hope this has helped you make a smarter and easier decision when it comes to your bridesmaid dresses. Just remember, your bridesmaids are your best friends and you really should keep their opinions in mind. Post pictures of your bridesmaid dress choices below! I would love to see them.

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