Friday, October 3, 2014

Wedding Tokens for Guests

Let's talk wedding favors! First let me say that guest favors are definitely a nice touch to a wedding, and lets your guests know how much you appreciate them sharing your big day with you, but are not a requirement. Offering a gift to your guests is purely your choice and some hosts feel that the food, drinks and cake is gift enough and that's just fine.

However, if you would like to send your guests home with a little something then here are some great ideas I've found and wanted to share!

Classic Favors
There are many classic favors that can be given to guests, most of which can be given a personal touch to match the theme of your wedding! Small boxes or tins with candy, scented candles, or the classic box of matches are all easy and affordable wedding favors.  Bubbles are a great double duty gift that can be taken home after giving you and your new spouse a bubble send off!


Unique Favors
If you are trying to throw an affair to be remembered then send your guests home with something different and unique. Some couples are opting to make donations to charities in their guests names and you could take it a step further by sending them home with some sort of certificate from the donation. Another options is your guests something that will help them remember your day for years to come like a plant or tree they could replant at home, or even a fish! These types of favors can be used as decor at the wedding, again another great gift that works overtime.

What are you planning on giving to your guests as favors? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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