Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Updated Wedding Guestbooks

Although you can still find the traditional Wedding guestbooks being sold, they are now tired and boring! There are dozens of updated wedding guestbooks that make much better keepsakes. Ask anyone who used the traditional books at their wedding how often they look at the printed names and I will be shocked if they can even tell you where they have the book stashed away. For My Wedding, we chose to have two guestbooks.(I have decision making issues)

One was very fun and decorative! Our guests placed a thumb print on a branch of a painted tree using colorful ink pads. Our wedding guests loved doing this and it makes a great decor item for our home. I have seen some couples do the thumb print tree and allow guests to sign their name next to their print but this was just far too busy for me.

We purchased the tree at Michael's Craft Store, and the ink pads were found in the dollar bin at Joann's fabric store. I also put out containers of baby wipes for guests to remove the ink from their thumbs when they were done.

Since I didn't want guests signing their name next to their thumb prints, in order to have a record of who attended our wedding we chose to do a photo mat that guests wrote well wishes on. We will be able to now print a photo from our big day and use the mat the frame it! 

Getting Married? What are your plans for your guestbooks?

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