Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Real Wedding Wednesday - A Halloween Happy Ending

Do you see that happy couple kissing up there? They just got married, and that's their wedding party cheering them on! That's right, this lovely Bride & Groom got married on Halloween 2013.  

First, an early Happy Anniversary to the couple! Second, many kudos for pulling off an awesome Halloween themed wedding. I am most particularly jealous that you can both say that you had a stormtrooper attend your wedding.

The Bride is a friend of mine from my early "college years" who I lost touch with but recently came back in contact with.  When she told me about her Wedding I fell out of my chair and giggled like a school girl because I thought the timing was just too perfect.

The Happy Couple: Mal & Lance

The Date: October 31, 2013
The Location: The Ballroom - Twin Falls, ID
The Photographer: Cindy Lynn Photography

I got the chance to chat with the Bride and get all of the details on their Halloween Themed Wedding, and here's what everyone's dying to know.

Q: What made you decide to get Married on Halloween and have it themed with costumes?
A: "I've always liked the idea of a Halloween wedding, and we didn't want something super traditional, so once we started talking about it the timeframe just seemed perfect for that day, so we thought "Why not?" We decided to have everyone wear costumes once we decided we were going to wear them."

Q: What inspired yours and your Husband's costumes?
A: "Our costumes were inspired by characters from a couple of our favorite anime, his was Sanji from One Piece and mine was Kuroyukihime from Accel World, and our kids both had costumes that matched someone from each of them."

Q: Did the attendants get to choose their own costumes?
A: "Yes they did! I considered ourselves lucky that our wedding party picked such cool costumes."

Q: What was yours and your Husbands favorite part about your Wedding?
A: "I think it was definitely the theme. Everyone seemed to enjoy being
able to dress up and pose for crazy pictures with people they didn't even know, but who had similar costumes. They were definitely an ice breaker!

Q: I know I had a lot of non-traditional elements at my wedding and got some negative feedback, what were the reactions from friends and family when you told them your wedding was Halloween themed, and you would be wearing costumes?
A: "LOL, We got a few questions at first, but most people were really excited about it. A few people used it as an excuse to go all out on a costume and dress up for the first time in years! There was also some negative feedback on my dress from some more conservative family members because it showed a lot of skin, but other than that I don't remember hearing anything negative about the actual wedding."

Q: How did you decide on all of the decor?
A: "The decorations were all provided by the awesome staff at the Ballroom. We got together with them and they asked about what we wanted, and they set it all up themselves. Definitely worth that extra investment."

Thanks again Mal, and Happy Anniversary to both of you.

I think we can all agree that we wish we could have partied with you in our costumes on your special day!

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