Friday, October 10, 2014

After I Do

Right now, if you're a Bride or Groom to be the I Do and everything that surrounds it is probably all that is on your mind.  

Take a moment to think about what happens after you say "I Do" and the Big Day festivities have ended.  Here are my tips to make your wedding day special even after you've made your get away and how to get an amazing start to your honeymoon.

Have a Get Away

Plan a formal get away from your wedding.  If you don't, you'll end up being one of the last to leave and doing a lot of the clean up work on your own.  If you can't afford to hire professional cleaners or it isn't included with your venue, discuss with family members and those in your wedding party about who is willing to stay behind to ensure gifts and decorations are taken to your house and the venue is cleaned up. Don't forget about scheduling with someone to return rentals for you too!

Enjoy an After Party

Most venues make you close up shop at 10 PM, especially if you have an outdoor wedding because the DJ has to comply with the city noise laws.  When you make your get away, let guest know where you'll be headed and invite them to continue the night with you. The actual wedding and reception are filled with traditions to participate in, photos to take and old relatives to thank for their attendance.  It blurs by and you probably won't get much of a chance to just relax and enjoy the company of your new spouse and laugh with friends. I recommend you stay in a hotel that has a fun lounge, bar or night club. This way you can have a few drinks and hang out with friends and know you can sneak off to your honeymoon room whenever you're ready to call it a night.  If drinking isn't your thing, meet up with your night owl guests for cosmic bowling (many hotels also have bowling alleys) or another late night fun activity.  Whatever you do, don't go home, especially if you and your spouse have already been living together.  Staying in a hotel the night of your wedding jump starts your honeymoon and makes the night that much more special and romantic.  Plus, you don't have to think about the wedding tornado that has probably hit your house.

Enjoy the Morning After
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The next morning enjoy breakfast/brunch at your hotel or favorite restaurant, but take it easy on the mimosas.  You'll thank me later if you have to drive or fly anywhere, you don't want to do so plastered. If your schedule allows, sleep in and take your time getting on your way to your honeymoon.  This will give you time to reflect on the previous days activities and the vows that you're now putting into action.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your time after your ceremony and reception remember to do just that, enjoy it!

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