Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Wedding Flowers

It's important to stay current with the season when planning your wedding.  If you're wedding is in fall, it's important to stick with flowers that are in season so you're decor budget doesn't jump through the roof and leave you with no funds for other more important items.

Here are some my favorite Fall flowers that are perfect for Weddings.


Most fall weddings are darker and muted colors but Sunflowers are in season until November making them a great way to add a bright color to your fall Wedding.  They would be perfect for an outdoor Wedding in October or a country themed affair. 

Calla Lily 
 photo credit: elizabethannedesigns

Calla Lily's come in gorgeous deep and rich hues.  You can find them in oranges, red and purples in the fall.  I love the mixed bouquets this bride chose for her fall wedding.  Because the Calla Lily has a naturally waxy look to it, these are great flowers that can be done mixed with faux flowers to save a but of your budget without sacrificing appearance.


 Dahlia's are also in season in the Autumn months and make gorgeous full and lush bridal bouquet.  They are also a more cost friendly and practical alternative to roses when you want your centerpieces and arrangements to look very full.


Gerbera's, also known as Gerbera Daisy's are another perfect fall flower that come in a wide range of colors.  You can find them in everything from pink to orange.  Gerbera's aren't cheap but because they are a large flower you won't need as many to create a full bouquet or centerpiece.  Their also a flower that compliments other flowers and filler well.

Are you getting married in the Fall?  What flowers have you chosen for you bouquet and arrangements?

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