Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Veil Hairstyles

Today I wanted to share with you some ideas on wedding hairstyles with veils.  Hopefully I can inspire some of you and help you find the perfect veil style for your big day.  Remember that it is YOUR day and whatever you want goes.  If you don't want anything in your hair and want it simple, GO FOR IT. I personally decided to wear a veil at the last minute and made DIY veil the night before my wedding!

Lets look at some wedding hairstyles with veils.  Veils used to all look identical and were usually quite simple.  The options for wedding veils are now almost endless.  Do you want a long, or short veil?  Is it going to be simple or extravagantly embellished?  What about a bird cage wedding veil, is that an option that would fit your wedding perfectly? After the "read more" are a few veils that are a bit traditional but at varying lengths from short to extra long. All of these veils can be found on Etsy and are linked below each photo.


A few other veil options (pictured below) are bird cage veils, which are normally made out of a larger mesh or netting material.  Blusher veils, these veils are traditionally a standard veil material but just barely cover your face. And a few highly embellished veils for those Brides that may have a simple dress and want to add some sparkle, lace or interest to their completed look. 

Your wedding hairstyles with birdcage veils or blusher veils ay be limited and is something you need to remember.  Because this is a veil that won't move and has to be pinned into place towards the crown of your head you'll have to consider down wedding hairstyles or a low updo.

If a veil isn't something your interested in there are other ways to dress up your hair and make it stand out. Tiaras, sparkly clips or even beautiful flowers can make a statement. You could even pair some of the below hair accessories with a simple veil to create a unique one of a kind look.

All of the photos show various options of amazing wedding hairstyles that are gorgeous and sure to give you the attention you deserve on your BIG DAY.  But, as always remember, it is your day and you can do whatever you want.  Even a beautiful wedding hairstyle with no added accessories can be perfect if its what you want. What are all of you lovely Brides planning to do with your hair? Please share in the comments below! 


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