Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Guestbook Ideas

A Wedding Guestbook is a treasure that you and your Husband will get to keep and enjoy for years to come. The traditional book where guests print and sign their name is dead and boring. So many brides are taking the diy guestbook approach and you should too!
guest book ideas

Thumb print guest books are become a more popular and more personal guest book alternative. These guest books can also be used as beautiful home decor after you say "I do" and serve as a wonderful reminder of those that were there to share your special day. The image of a couple holding thumbprint balloons can be purchased on Etsy from SilhouetteWeddings. I have also seen on wedding blogs and Pinterest beautiful hand drawn or printed bare tree's where guests use their finger print to add the leaves! Adorable!

guestbook tree ideas
tree guestbook

The pictures above shows other variations of tree inspired guest books. These would all make perfect personal touches to outdoor and green weddings. Most are simple enough that you could come up with your own DIY version. These also look great after the wedding in your home. You can provide slips of paper for guests to sign their names, write well wishes, or give their best relationship advice. An extra step you could take is to make the slips of paper look like leaves!

Another fun DIY guest book idea is to collect smooth stones, sea shells or small slices of wood that the guests can pen. Again, you have endless options of the article to write on as well as what can be written. It's easy to find an item that has a smooth enough surface that fits in perfectly with the rest of your wedding day decor. Check out these ideas from and
rock wedding guestbook

unique guest book

And for those of you looking for something a little more traditional here are some more beautiful ideas that will create lovely memories.
do it yourself guest book

guestbook ideas for weddings

photo wedding guestbook

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