Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Video Wedding Invitations

When I set out to plan My Wedding I knew two crucial things;
  • I wanted to do it all myself
  • I wanted it to be extremely UNIQUE
That uniqueness started at the very beginning with the invitations!

My now Husband and I decided we were going to do video invitations. We were sending them to family who we knew wouldn't be able to attend due to illness or being too far away. We knew this would be challenging but since I had pretty decent experience with video editing and Bram was handy with a computer and file types we decided to take on the challenge.

So, one morning we woke up early, set up our living room and filmed!

I made the wonderful mistake of chopping my bangs just before the video, like literally in my bathroom five minutes before we filmed. So my advice, no major hair changes anytime before anything wedding related.

I had to create a script of the major points we wanted to get across and then we decided who would say what in the video. I also put together a collage of photos from our years of dating at the beginning and a collage of our engagement photo's at the end. It's fun to watch my hair color change, and Bram's facial hair change, and my ugh...weight changes

The video editor I used is Cyberlink Power Director. If you own a PC, I would definitely recommend it. You'll probably need to watch a few tutorials to figure out the basics, but for the most part it's pretty user friendly for beginners.

The process got a little difficult, we struggled to find a file format that would work on everyone's computer or DVD player.

You'll also notice, at the end I made a small typo. Most people either didn't notice, or didn't comment so I generally wasn't that bothered. And those that did, can get over it. :)

We also decided to include a few bloopers to set the tone for what we hoped would be a fun, carefree wedding day.

We did get a few negative comments about the video, with either problems viewing them, the small spelling error and volume issues... BUT I've quickly learned over the past year, you can't please EVERYONE all the time.

So, here's our final outcome! :) This is something I will be able to have forever and one day show my children and grandchildren.

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