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Unique Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes are some Brides hardest decision in their wedding planning. There are so many endless possibilities and new unique wedding cakes are popping up every day!

How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?

Wedding cakes can be as cheap as a few dollars for do it yourself wedding cakes or you may lean towards expensive wedding cakes if you budget allows. I opted for Wedding Cupcakes and the cake part cost me less than $10 out of my own pocket. A friend of my sisters bakes the cupcakes and made the topper as well as homemade icing. The cost of her time, the icing and fondant were all paid for as a gift from my sister. If you found a friend or family member to do the baking, a do it yourself wedding cake would be insanely affordable. Not looking to go that route? Depending on where you live and the design of your Wedding Cake, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $400 to feed 100 guests. Although the expensive wedding cakes are gorgeous and serious design statement pieces, they can cost thousands of dollars and the designers usually charge per person which can easily sky rocket your cake cost. If you do fall in love with an expensive wedding cake, (like the one below OMG Gorgeous) take photos to your baker and ask what they can do that's similar but more budget friend.

unique wedding cakes
Source:Perfect Wedding Day

Dietary Needs of You and Your Guests

Another important factor to consider when choosing an Awesome Wedding Cake, are the dietary needs of you and your fiance. You might also want to consider guests needs, but this is not as important as guests with special needs can simply pass on dessert. Do you and you Husband to be need a gluten free wedding cake, have allergies or are you Vegans? These are all important details to tell your baker and if you are opting for a do it yourself wedding cake; check out this delicious looking vegan wedding cake from aliciak. at Instructables. Find the recipe HERE.

vegan cake recipe

Country Wedding Cakes

One of my favorite new trends are the rustic natural look of country wedding cakes. No explanation needed on these on to the beautiful photos.

do it yourself wedding cakes
country wedding cakes

wedding cake ideas
Source:Carried Away Cuisine
What are your plans for your own wedding cake? Already married? Share your wedding cake photo for a chance to be featured in a future Wedding Wednesday! Don't forget to subscribe for all of the amazing Wedding ideas every Wednesday.

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