Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Make Your Own Cupcake Stand

Today I want to talk about Wedding Cakes. Or in the case of my wedding, wedding cupcakes. I was in LOVE with my Wedding Cupcakes and the stand itself was definitely a statement piece of decor at my wedding.

The cupcake stand was constructed by my Husband and now Brother-in-Law. It was made of wood, and was four tiers tall.

I had gotten the idea from a photo of something similar online. That Bride had said her Husband used cardboard to create the stand but the lack of strength of cardboard sounded like a disaster waiting to happen. Thank goodness for a Brother-in-Law who is a skilled wood worker. The top tier was 6"x6" and held the cake that my Husband and I cut.

The bottom layer was 46"x46" so the entire thing was quite massive! It took up an entire round table with little room for anything else.

The stand was painted a rose pink color, and lace was added to the sides. This was all done THE NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING by two of my amazing bridesmaids (thank you so much ladies!), so don't mind the quick job of the fabric. I think it looked fabulous even with the time crunch, and went with my vintage, hippie chic theme.

The painted and fabric adorned stand alone was nice to look at. We were able to have it displayed without the cupcakes or the topper during the ceremony and beginning of the reception. With having an outdoor reception we made sure to have the cupcakes and topper put out later in the day so nothing would melt or get eaten by bugs! Yikes!

The stand was basically built by making boxes in ascending widths (all actual squares and not having a bottom) and fitting them together with a nail gun and wood glue. If you have access to wood working tools and someone who knows how to use them, this project will take a few hours and about $30. We chose to use MDF for our stand, but other woods would work well too if you didn't want to paint it.

What are your plans for a wedding cake or wedding cupcakes? Forgoing it all together? Share your details in the comments below!

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